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MANTIS is an award-winning ethical clothing brand with product ranges for adults, children, and infants. Backed by its strong ethical spirit, MANTIS strives to design fashionable, high-quality clothing that will be worn and loved for many years to come. 

For MANTIS, "Well Made Clothing" means the best design, materials, and detail on each item so it can be worn and cherished for years. It's all about that perfect fit and the feeling it gives, about recognising that every piece of MANTIS clothing has a life cycle, and each part of the item's journey - from design to production to delivery - is an opportunity to help everyone involved. A strong proponent of production in Africa,

MANTIS has been at the forefront of the ethical cotton industry for more than a decade.  Thanks to industry expertise, MANTIS knows how to combine the latest trends in fabric, fashion, and branding to create high-quality, tailor-made clothing. Many items are already being produced using organic cotton.  

When you choose MANTIS you're not just choosing quality, you’re choosing an ethically-made product.

                >             Suitable for screen printing, transfer printing, embroidery
                >             Ladieswear and menswear
                >             High quality
                >             Ethically produced
                >             European stock available









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